Solar Power Measurement


Our country, in terms of its solar energy potential with its geographical location is fortunate position than many other countries. The sunshine duration is measured in the 1966-1982 year and radiation utilizing the data of intensity according to the study conducted by EIE an average annual sunshine duration of Turkey 2640 hours (daily total of 7.2 hours), average total radiation intensity is 1311 kWh / m²-year (daily total 3 6 kWh / m²) was determined to be. Turkey is the most solar energy field in South Eastern Anatolia Region, followed by the Mediterranean region. Since 1992, TNA and DM, solar energy values for solar energy have been taking measurements in order to determine the more healthy. As a result of the measurement operation continues, Turkey 20-25% of the former value of the solar energy potential is expected to rise further.

Solar measurement stations we have established;

License applications in the solar measurement stations in the area where the facility under the established ISO 9060: 1990 (E) standard and appropriate calibration certificate which is recorded on an hourly basis using a pyranometer, where the face of the measures the total solar radiation incident on a square meter in the horizontal plane,

We Use Sensors: