About Us


Producing wind measurement masts as FNS and tactics are a company engaged in the installation.
FNS wind measurement system is set up to make the measurement is one of the most important issues of renewable energy sources, especially wind and wind gained importance at a time when the field of solar energy projects and solar farms.
Measurement systems required for the measurement is entirely our own production is of the required international standards. Our Direct International and accepted by an independent consulting firm in Turkey have been having with the standards.
Use our instruments and sensors, is an international standard having MEASNET and MGM calibrated.
Our poles are hot dip galvanized and powder coated red and white. It is also manufactured as 50-110 mesh type.
Our company uses electronic equipment in accordance with the demands of customers in the measurement system.
FNS Wind Energy Measurement systems; uploaded works to international criteria, the legislation in force, in accordance with the specifications and standards of quality in the time foreseen, is healthy and perform in a profitable way.